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Personalised Lifestyle Modification using Epigenetics (EPLIMO)

You are unique; not just because of your physical appearance or your thought process, but due to your genetic and metabolic profiles.  Genetic profile is the genetic data stored in your DNA and Metabolic profile shows how food gets converted into energy and building blocks for cells inside your body. No two persons have the same geno-metabolic profiles.   Hence nutrition for someone could be toxin for someone else. Also, while cardio exercise strengthens someone’s hearts, the same can damage the heart muscles of someone else.  Jumping into some diet plans or enrolling for some fitness programs without knowing your geno-metabolic profile can cause more damages than expected benefits.

What is the solution?

Personalised Lifestyle Management is the solution.  Highly personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans and even personalized yoga and meditation based on a Geno-metabolic analysis is the way to go.

How do we do this?

Our Geno-metabolic assessment comprises of one of the most comprehensive genetic test combined with a detailed metabolic assessment; all at the convenience of your home. Our highly advanced Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile app ‘EPLIMO’ provides a Geno-Metabolic report.  Our medical and genetic experts create a highly personalized Lifestyle modification plan (or personalized wellness management plan) for you based on your genetics and metabolism.    Now you know which all foods work for you and the ones which work against you, the exercises which you need to avoid and the ones which you can adapt, which type of yoga can provide you maximum health benefits etc.   Your EPLIMO can enhance your overall quality of life and support you to live long and stay young, physically and mentally.


You take a VIEGENOME test, which is the most comprehensive genetic predisposition test available in the world which analyses more than 200 different health parameters.

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