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This highly comprehensive package include:

  • Genetic test to assess 200+ health conditions
  • Online Metabolic assessment
  • AI enabled Geno-Metabolic Report
  • Highly Personalised Lifestyle Modification Plan prepared by Medical and Genetic Experts
  • Access to EPLIMO app, a true health companion
  • Store your entire health data in the EPLIMO app
      Your Investment

      ₹ 35,400.00

      The EPLIMO Journey

      You start your Personalised Lifestyle Modification journey by undergoing a Viegenome genetic test and a Metabolic assessment using the EPLIMO app. Our expert geneticists and doctors analyse your report and provide you highly Personalized lifestyle management including, what food to eat and what to avoid, which nutritional supplements to consume, which type of exercises that suits your genetic profile, which ones work against your health so on and so forth. These are called Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications (EPLIMO). Your EPLIMO becomes the operating manual for your health, which helps you to plan and manage your lifestyle to live a healthy long life. Create your own Personalised Operating Manual RIGHT NOW.



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