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Eplimo app: the easiest way to manage health

We, as humans are incredibly complex. Luckily, journeying into biohacking doesn’t have to be that complex with our My Eplimo app. Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Application is a user-friendly next-generation health & wellness ecosystem converging genetics with AI and robotics. It is an ultimate ‘quantified self’ tool that equips the user with umpteen possibilities to enhance the quality of life and to hack their biology.

The My Eplimo App is a complete biohacking ecosystem for all your health and wellness related issues. The app offers a wide array of services & support like personalized geno-metabolic analysis, health progress graph, epigenetic lifestyle modification recommendations and monitoring, and access to wellness experts.


What i can do with EplimoApp?

Easy sign in & explore unfathomed feature

Download & share your genetic report in a touch

Know your psychological and physiological with metabolic analysis

Take your health data wherever you go. Store all your health records in one place

Unwinding the potential of epigenetics every day, we are continuously exploring ways to make your life simpler and your bio-hacking journey smoother..

Personalized Geno-Metabolic Analysis

A set of personalized questions set forth after comparing your genetic report with a general questionnaire.

Biohacker Community

Join and be the part of India’s first biohackers community and practice quantified self by hacking your physiology and psychology.

Access to Wellness Experts

Our Advanced Navigation System Will Help you find wellness experts, clinics and fitness centers near you.

AI and Privacy

High-end encryption technology to protect all your health related data.

Epigenetic Solutions and Monitoring

Our team of dedicated doctors set health parameters for you and recommend lifestyle modifications required to keep those parameters in check.

Install The App From Ios Or Android App Store.