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Vieroots envisions a world where people are empowered to live long healthy fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own body and mind by converging science and technology and modern & ancient wellness concepts.


Helping people to ‘Live Longer and Stay Younger’ by providing personalised holistic lifestyle management solutions which are scientific and evidence based for enhancing the physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial well being of a person .



Of body and mind using biohacking.

- Of Lives by empowering people to live a life of their choice.


 -  A community-driven by a common purpose of helping people to live long and stay young.

Enduring partnerships decide the progress.


Unwavering integrity and honesty.


Science and Research play vital role in human life enhancement.

Our Team

Sajeev Nair



Chief Executive Officer

V P Sajeev

Chief Operating Officer

Dr A Sreekumar

Medical Director

Dr Biju K S

Senior Medical Officer